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Approved! E-2 Investor Visa: Winning a Case with a $50K Investment

The E-2 investor visa has given many people the opportunity to pursue their business dreams in the United States. In this blog post, we will delve into a recent successful E-2 investor visa case, highlighting the key aspects of the process and shedding light on the importance of a well-structured investment plan.

Case Overview:

Recently, a client approached Hawks Villafranca Law seeking assistance with their E-2 investor visa application. The individual was from Venezuela, a non-treaty country, but held Spanish citizenship and was a resident of Mexico. The client had prior experience running a business in Mexico and desired to establish operations in the United States.

Investment Strategy:

A key factor in obtaining an E-2 investor visa is the investment amount. While the law does not specify a minimum investment requirement, it is essential to ensure that the investment is proportional to the nature and scale of the business. In this case, the client sought to spend the minimum necessary amount while still presenting a strong case.

At Hawks Villafranca Law, we recommend aiming for an investment amount of at least $ 50,000 as an investment below this threshold might raise concerns about the investor’s commitment and seriousness. Accordingly, the client invested $50,000. 

Transferring the Case:

In this particular E-2 investor visa case, the processing was initially very slow. To expedite the process, we transferred the case from one consulate to another. We at HVL monitored the processing times at the consulate, and moving the case to a different consulate proved extremely beneficial, as the client was granted an interview approximately three weeks later.

Interview and Approval

During the interview, the consulate official asked our client questions about their business, including inquiries about contracts with major brands. The interview was not overly challenging, and the client’s detailed knowledge of their business helped them navigate the process smoothly. Our client also felt very prepared for their interview, as we had done a thorough mock interview ahead of time.

After the interview, the case was approved approximately a month later, and the client’s visa was issued 


The successful E-2 investor visa case at Hawks Villafranca Law demonstrates that it is possible to obtain approval with a $50,000 investment. However, the key to a successful application lies in thoroughly analyzing the case, ensuring a proportional investment, and presenting a strong business plan. While each case is unique, professional guidance from experienced immigration attorneys plays a vital role in maximizing the chances of success.

If you are considering an E-2 investor visa, we strongly recommend seeking a consultation with an experienced immigration attorney to assess your specific situation. With the expertise of an experienced lawyer, you can navigate the complex process and increase the likelihood of securing your dream of establishing a business in the United States with the E-2 investor visa.


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