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Success Story: National Interest Waiver Green Card for a Green Tech Entrepreneur

Obtaining a green card in the United States can be a challenging and lengthy process, especially for entrepreneurs. However, there are certain categories, such as the EB-2 National Interest Waiver, that offer an opportunity for individuals to prove that their work is of national importance and contribute significantly to the country’s interests. Today, we want to share the success story of a client from Hawks Villafranca Law and their approval for the EB-2 National Interest Waiver Green Card.

The Applicant’s Background:

Our client, who is from Mexico, is an ambitious entrepreneur in the green tech industry. They had a vision to import electric vehicles into the US market while simultaneously reducing their sale price, making sustainable transportation more accessible to the masses. Their business aimed to contribute to the country’s focus on renewable energy and green technology, which aligned perfectly with the criteria for an EB-2 National Interest Waiver.

The Importance of Renewable Energy in the US:

The client’s case heavily emphasized the current status of renewable energy in the US. President Biden’s executive orders on climate change and the government’s active involvement in promoting renewable solutions were crucial factors in their successful application. The client showcased their knowledge of the industry’s growth potential and the positive impact their business could have on reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable living.

Forward-Looking Approach:

One of the key aspects of winning a National Interest Waiver case is to demonstrate a forward-thinking mindset. The client focused on the future of the green tech industry, highlighting the increasing demand for electric vehicles and the potential for job creation and economic growth. By presenting a comprehensive plan for their business expansion and strategies to collaborate with existing US-based entities, the client showed their commitment to not only solving current challenges but also contributing to the country’s long-term goals.

Unique Pathways to Success:

In their pursuit of the National Interest Waiver, we explained to the client that not every person in the country needs to be familiar with their work. They comprehended that the key lies in aligning their business with aspects that the US government emphasizes. This case serves as a valuable reminder that a National Interest Waiver can be won through various avenues, tailored to individual circumstances.


The approval of the EB-2 National Interest Waiver Green Card for this HVL client exemplifies how entrepreneurs in the green tech industry can contribute to the US and receive recognition for their efforts. This case demonstrates the importance of aligning one’s business with the country’s national interests and emphasizing the potential impact on the economy and the environment. If you are an entrepreneur working in the renewable energy field or a related industry, it might be worth exploring the EB-2 National Interest Waiver as a potential pathway to obtaining a green card in the U.S.


Please note that while this case proves a successful National Interest Waiver application, each case is unique, and approval in one instance does not guarantee the same outcome for all. It is advisable to consult with an immigration attorney for a case analysis tailored to individual circumstances.


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